Christian Living – An Introduction

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Welcome to the first ever episode of Shadowlands – a Christian Living podcast!

This episode is an introduction to the series and will cover the basics of what Christian Living looks like.

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We’ll walk through the 3 areas of the Christian Life:


and learn how living as a Christian brings us unbelievable beauty and hope out of the the world’s hardest times.

Scriptures referenced today are:

Genesis 48:16
Exodus 6:6
Leviticus 27:9-25, 25:47-55
The Book of Ruth
Exodus 20:2
Psalm 82:4
Daniel 6:27
Jeremiah 20:13
Ezekiel 34:10-12,22
Hebrews 2:11
Ruth 3:9
Romans 12:2
John 15:9
Matthew 16:24-26
Ephesians 4:22-24
1 Peter 4:12-16
1 Peter 5:10
James 1:12
James 1:2-4
Romans 5:3-5
Hebrews 6:13-20
Hebrews 12:1-2
Thanks so much for joining me!


  • Avatar Rick Davis says:

    “Prisoners of war being held captive by sin”. So profound.
    Removing the toxic relationships is so tricky.
    This is a special endeavor you are pursuing Sarah. Encouraging to us, a catharsis for you.

    God bless

  • Avatar Scotty Brunette says:

    Sarah, I genuinely believe you can help my connection to Jesus and our Lord become stronger and more powerful. My father has always taught me growing up, about believing in the Lord. But I always placed my doubt into him, and I always thought he wasn’t there. But I know he’s there. I know he keeps me strong, even though I do go through a lot. I no longer talk to my dad, so I haven’t had the chance to talk to anyone about starting to believe and place my trust in Jesus again – but with this podcast, I believe you will help me have that connection with him and the Lord again. Thank you so much.

  • Avatar John Janaro says:

    Thank you Sarah! Your heart for the Lord shines through in your voice, as it does from your written words. Glory to Jesus! As always, I keep you in prayer.💚 ~John Janaro

  • Avatar Rylei Miller says:

    Like I’ve said before, you and Christina were one of the main things (besides Jesus of course) that help me pull through my anorexia that almost literally killed me at age 13.
    I’m 17 now, and still struggle with loneliness, depression, major anxiety, feeling like a failure, and just unhappy in general.
    I feel like I have no one to talk to at all.
    I feel like I’m having a bad dream, only, I can’t wake up.
    Thank you for starting this amazing podcast series. It really helps to calm me down.
    Thank you for being the amazing person that you are.💖

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