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Navigating a COVID-19 World

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What do you do when your world as you know it is flipped upside down — when the everyday norms you’re accustomed to are taken away? The Coronavirus outbreak has rattled our world, both literally and metaphorically. What we’re realizing now is that our identity is wrapped up in a ton of worldly things — sports, entertainment, news, our phone. So many of our go-to distractions have either been canceled or postponed as we try to figure out how to stop the spread of COVID-19.

My church is going through a series now on Hebrews, titled Greater, and one of the prevailing themes is this idea that God is not greater than anything. He’s greater than everything. When you believe He’s greater than everything, then He’s always going to be greater your anythings.

That’s true now during this weird, uncertain time that we live in and it’s going to be true during the next calamity that you experience, be it societally or individually.

This is a unique opportunity for us to really slow our lives down. When horrible things like this happen to loved ones or society as a whole, we often turn to things like sports or entertainment to distract us. Even with 9/11, within days the MLB season resumed, and it was a chance for people to unify and get our minds off of what just happened.

We don’t have that opportunity now for the most part, and maybe that’s a good thing. It’s a chance to recalibrate where we place our identity and where we find our joy.

For me, that’s in Jesus. That’s my hope for you, too.

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