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Episode 60: Missionary Filmmakers Peter Craig & Kristin Schroder of Moving Works

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Here at In No Hurry, we love talking about the intersection of faith and creativity, especially when we get people like Peter Craig and Kristin Schroder of Moving Works.

Moving Works describes itself as “a non-profit organization that makes short films to tell the world about Jesus.” More specifically, they are missionary filmmakers who travel the world to tell stories of faith and share their faith with others. We talked all about finding and pursuing your calling, discerning your calling from God, fighting the battles of comparison and identity, and sharing our faith with others in what might be uncomfortable situations.

I also really liked something that Peter, who serves as the executive director of Moving Works, said: God is continuously doing his own creative work in us.

Also, you have got to check out this video Kristin made last summer. Singer/songwriter Ben Rector held a contest for people to submit funny and creative videos that spoofed his character in the music video for his song “It Would Be You,” and Kristin’s was amazing. So much so that she won the contest, got to have a Zoom call with Ben, and even won some stuff he wore in the video. The video and the story are definitely worth your time, so check her out on Instagram @ksschro.

Also be sure to follow Moving Works on Instagram @movingworks and on YouTube: You can also visit their website to see their work.

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