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Episode 59: Loving, Living & Leading Like Jesus with Elijah Bowling

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We are called to model our lives after Jesus, but sometimes we forget how deep that calling goes. Obviously our actions toward others and honoring God are hallmarks, but what about the minutiae of every day life like managing our technology, our creativity, and daily tasks?

Elijah Bowling set out to examine and explain all of that in his new book titled “The Jesus Life: Living the Best Life Jesus Has for You.” Elijah found that many people live day-to-day, unintentionally operating their life according to the world’s standards and missing out on the fulfillment God has for us.

The solution, he writes, is found in the Creator of life itself. “God has a uniquely designed system for life — a lifestyle system that is inspirational, creative, and logical all at once. It’s a futuristic, timeless, and scaleable life system that Jesus modeled and executed perfectly.”

This book combines concepts from the life of Jesus, the Bible, and modernity into a singular lifestyle system of living, loving, and leading like Jesus.

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