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Episode 42: Building Hope Amid Depression with Author Ben Courson

By September 8, 2020No Comments

Ben Courson’s mission is to inject hope into a generation plagued by anxiety and despair. In the middle of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, this conversation comes at an important time when suicide rates are climbing due to COVID-19 and other perils that 2020 has brought.

Ben’s new book, Flirting with Darkness, encourages you to not accept depression as a permanent state, but instead turn to the One who will champion your every struggle.

In this conversation, Ben opens up about his only battles with suicidal ideations and depression and offers practical and Biblical wisdom on how to deal with these emotions. The beauty: God wants to fight these battles with us.

Ben is the founder of Hope Generation and senior pastor at Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon. Stemming from his own bout with suicide and depression, Ben created Hope generation, aiming to help those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts to those who’ve lost hope and meaning amid their success.



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