Ep. 98 – The Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20

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This week on the Adorned Podcast we wrap up our study of the Gospel of Matthew by discussing the great commission. Many of us are familiar with this mandate from Jesus, found in Chapter 28, but are we striving to live it out in our lives? What does it mean to “make disciples?” Are these instructions only for those in vocational ministry? Join us as we study one of our favorite passages together!



“The great commission is a mandate from the King of Kings who possesses all authority on heaven and earth.” -R.C. Sproul

“Before we understand the great commission or the new covenant we have to make sure we understand as platt says “we are saved purely by God’s grace and supremely for his glory among the nations” we can’t be sent on mission unless we understand our identity and purposes.” -David Platt

“As the explanatory verbs “baptizing” and “teaching” indicate, the process of making disciples includes both evangelism of unbelievers – in which they are called to repentance and faith and submission to baptism, the sign of inclusion of the new covenant – and the instruction of believers in a life conformed to Jesus’ commandments, in response to His saving grace.” -Reformation Study Bible Notes

“A disciple is a learner that is enrolled in the school of Rabbi Jesus” -R.C. Sproul



“What is a Disciple?” sermon by J.T. English

“The Great Commission” sermon by R.C. Sproul

“What Is the Relationship Between The Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission?” By Greg Beale


*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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