Ep. 93 – Colossians

This week on the Adorned Podcast Kacie and her husband, Jonathan discuss what God has been teaching them during this unique season of life through the book of Colossians. What does it look like to be the church while social distancing? How can gratitude guard our hearts from false teaching? We hope that you’ll tune in and that you are encouraged by this conversation.



“How has God gifted us to love and serve those around us?”

“Christ is the head, He is supreme, He is ruling.”

“If the church is full of people who have made decisions for Christ but have failed to become mature disciples OF Christ — we have failed” J.T. English

“Is our confidence in the rules we obey and the things we do or is our confidence solely in Christ?”



Discipleship and the Mission of the Church sermon by J.T. English 

Guard Yourself with Gratitude sermon by John Piper 


*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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