Ep. 64 – Our Gifts, His Glory – Summer Recap and Series Intro

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We’re back!!!!!  We had a wonderful summer break, but we are so glad to be back with all of our wonderful listeners.  You don’t want to miss this episode because Erin has a HUGE announcement that we know you’re going to be excited about!  Katie Cobbs joins us as we discuss some summer highlights, our biggest takeaway from the She Speaks conference, and give a little intro into our upcoming series, “Our Gifts, His Glory.”  Our hope and prayer each week is that the Adorned Podcast would encourage and inspire you to pursue a deeper understanding of who God is through His Word.

“Generosity is such a beautiful reflection of God’s generosity to us.”
“A calling requires a caller.  You are not called to something or somewhere, but to someone.” -Lisa Allen
“Our gifts have been given to us to bring God glory.”

*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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Our desire is to encourage women to cultivate a love for the word, dispel common misconceptions, myths, and excuses when it comes to Biblical literacy and theology, and to ignite a desire to discover God’s truth for themselves.

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