Ep. 52 – Genesis – Chapters 37-41 – Joseph the Dreamer

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This week we dive into the last big story in Genesis.  Most of us are familiar with the story of Joseph, but we want to encourage you to approach it with a fresh perspective and in light of everything we have learned leading up to this point.

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Joseph is sold by his  brothers and even thrown into prison, but the story doesn’t end there.  God has big plans for his him!  As we look at Joseph’s life we want to focus once again what this story teaches us about God.  We see that God is good.  God is sovereign.  God promised to be with Joseph and as His children He promises to be with us as well!

“God’s divine hand is seen through the man who directed Joseph to hardship on the one hand and to the saving of many lives in the other” ESV Study Bible Notes

“God does this all the time. Takes the sins of the destroyers and yet makes them the means of their salvation” -John Piper

“His heart was sustained by a deep confidence in the God of His father Jacob for Jehovah was with him” -Charles Spurgeon

“We’re not going to see that Joseph’s life is easy, but we’ll see that God is with him.”

“Are we more enamored with the gifts or with The Giver.”

“Joseph’s diligence integrity and gentleness. O that all who are Christians would imitate Joseph in this and so behave ourselves that all may see that the lord is with us.” -Charles Spurgeon

“But god was with Joseph and he did not slide when set in slippery places, he fled. That flight was the truest display of courage it is the only was of victory in sins of the flesh.”  -Charles Spurgeon

“The Lord does not promise us that we will have what looks like prosperity but we will have what is real prosperity in the best sense.” -Charles Spurgeon

“The most trivial and the most important and the most likely and most unlikely circumstances are made to minister to the development of God’s purposes…. he is above all and can use all for the accomplishment of his grand and unsearchable designs.” CHM notes of Genesis

The Sale of Joseph and The Son of God sermon by John Piper
You Meant it for Evil, but God sermon by Greg Gilbert
The Life of Joseph by R.C. Sproul

*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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