Ep. 50 – Genesis – Chapters 28-31 – Jacob Marries Rachel and Leah

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On this week’s episode we cover Genesis chapters 28-31.  As we zoom in on Jacob’s life one of the first things we see is that God promises to be with him.  This promise is also true for us today and can bring us so much peace and comfort.

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Jacob married Leah and Rachel (yes, both of them) and has 12 children between his wives and 2 maidservants.  Even through this seemingly messy story, we are reminded that God is sovereign.  He is fulfilling His plan to bring a Savior to the world through Jacob’s lineage.  God continually provides for Jacob despite his sometimes wavering faith and sinfulness.  What great hope that brings to us today!

“That which is most prominent in the divine dealings with Jacob was the matchless grace of God, shown to one so unworthy, the marvelous patience exercised toward one so slow of heart to believe, the changeless love which unweariedly followed him through all his varied course, the faithfulness which no unfaithfulness on Jacobs part could change, and the power of God which effectively preserved and delivered him through numerous dangers and which, in the end caused the spirit to triumph over the flesh, transforming the worm Jacob in Israel the prince of God.” -A.W. Pink

“Instead of resting in the goodness of God and appropriating his free grace, like Jacob, we bargain and enter into conditions and stipulations. May the God of grace enlarge our hearts to receive his grace, and may he empower us to magnify his grace by refusing to defile it with any of our own wretched additions“ -A.W. Pink

“We need to remind ourselves of what Jesus has done and that it is enough.”

“Our goal shouldn’t be to be relatable, but it should be to be more like Jesus.”

“The god of bethel is a god who concerns himself with the things of the earth he is not a god who shuts himself up in heaven.” -Charles Spurgeon

“When we can’t understand why God is using some one like Abraham or Isaac or Jacob we have to remind ourselves that “there is nothing arbitrary about god and his ways, our truest wisdom when we cannot understand his reasons is to rest quietly and trustfully saying even so father for so it seemeth good in thy sight. In his will is our peace.” Dr Griffith Thomas

Gleanings in Genesis by A.W. Pink

*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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