Ep. 49 – Genesis – Chapters 22-27 – The Life of Isaac

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For this week’s episode we invited our friend, Hannah Kalk onto the show to help us walk through Genesis 22-27.  These chapters cover most of Isaac’s life.  We start by discussing the tough story of how God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

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Through this passage we learn that God is really looking at Abraham’s heart and wants him to be willing to be willing to do what He asks of him.  We believe that He wants the very same of us today.  Through the obedience of a prayerful servant of Abraham’s, Isaac meets and marries Rebekah who gives birth to twin sons that seemed to be at odds even from the womb.  Join us as we discuss what we can learn about God from taking a closer look at Isaac’s life.

“God desires us to be willing to be willing.”

“In Hebrews 11 it says that Abraham believed that even if he brought that knife down God was so powerful that He would bring his son back to life.”

“Abraham trusted in the promise maker more than the promise itself.  He doesn’t stop trusting just because it doesn’t make sense.”

“God only really cares about the heart.  He didn’t need Abraham to follow through because he knew Abraham and knew that he was going to follow-through without pause or hesitation.”

“Jacob did not earn this massive role by moral righteousness.  It’s the mercy and election that God gave him this opportunity.”

“God continually chooses broken people.”

“The truth is we’ve earned absolutely nothing but death.”

“Despite our sin, not because of them, God is going to move.”

The King In His Beauty by Thomas Schreiner
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Truer and better Video Tim Keller

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