Ep. 13 (re-air) – Who God Is – Infinite, yet Intimate

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*This episode of the Adorned Podcast was originally aired on June 7, 2018*

On our 2nd episode in our series on who God is we discuss how He is Infinite, yet so very intimate.  He is eternal.  There is no beginning or end to God.  He is bigger and mightier than we can wrap our minds around, but yet he is also intimate.  He knows our hearts and He desires a personal relationship with us.  What does a better understanding of these attributes mean for our everyday lives? We would love for you to tune in as we continue to study the attributes of God!



“The finite can “grasp” the infinite, but the finite can never hold the infinite within its grasp.” – RC Sproul

“It’s not just that God knows us personally, but he knows our hearts.  He wants our hearts.  He wants our affections.”

“God doesn’t just want us to know about him, but he wants us to KNOW him.”

“ Knowing Jesus Christ still remains as definite a relation of personal discipleship as it was for the 12 when he was on earth. The Jesus who walks through the Gospel.” -J.I. Packer



Knowing God by J.I. Packer


*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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