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Genesis Part 1 with T.D. Alexander

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What is the deal with all of the genealogies and family drama in the book of Genesis? Join me in this episode where I speak with scholar T. Desmond Alexander as we unlock the narrative plot to Genesis and seek to explain why these aspects in the story have such significant meaning to the whole book.
The Family line
In this episode, I speak with Desmond Alexander on the significance of the family line within the book of Genesis. This concept begins with the opening story as God promises that the ‘seed’ of the woman will one day overcome the ‘seed’ of the serpent (3:15). This verse forms the basis for the plot that runs throughout the rest of the book of Genesis as we are following a line of descendants with eager expectation to see who the serpent destroying offspring is going to be. Thus, we are given lots of genealogies, not to bore us, but rather so that we will trace this line until it reaches its climax. Only then is it clear why the stories in Genesis focus on a specific family who are chosen to bring forward God’s plan of carrying on this line, with only specific children chosen as a child of this promise, while other children are rejected. It’s a fascinating study that will intrigue you and illuminate this foundational book that sets the stage for what will follow in the rest of the story that is traced throughout the Bible.
The Abrahamic covenant
We also speak about the covenant made with Abraham to be the one through whom God will restore his original blessing in the world as all the nations will be blessed by him. As circumcision marks the sign of this covenant, we see all of Abraham’s household circumcised to show their participation in entering into the blessing of Abraham. However, it is significant that the promise through whom the blessing comes is given only to an individual offspring. This is what Paul is referring to when he speaks of this covenant in Galatians chapter 3 to argue that the fulfilment of this promised offspring has come about in Jesus, who is the serpent destroyer that was promised in Genesis 3.
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