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Edith Studd Buxton & Mary Warburton Booth

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Edith Studd Buxton & Mary Warburton Booth: Today we are joined by a VERY special guest, Debbie Alnutt, who shares with us about not just one, but TWO remarkable missionaries! Debbie highlights a critical period in the lives and ministries of Edith Buxton and Mary Warburton Booth as they learn through totally unique circumstances the truth that everything in the Christian life is done “not by might, nor by power, but by the Holy Spirit!”

Edith Studd Buxton:

  • Reluctant Missionary by Edith Buxton

Mary Warburton Booth:

  • These Things I Have Seen by Mary Warburton Booth
  • My Testimony by Mary Warburton Booth

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