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Episode 52 – A Year in Review

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In this one year anniversary episode of the Expositors Collective podcast Pete Nelson and Mike Neglia debrief and banter about the origin story of the Collective, as well as where we are today and what the future holds.

In this far reaching conversation they talk about the difference between a typical conference and an Expositors Collective training weekend, the importance of mentorship and the differentiation between a hierarchical apprenticeship and peer camaraderie.

They take a deep dive back to June of 2017 to recall the assembling of the team and the genesis of what has grown into an international movement.

(Here’s the audio of that workshop : )

After a disappointing attendance and an unfortunate event the next day

(more details here: ) Pete got the gang back together and started an experiment that has proven to be a wild success.

Also discussed was the age limit of the training weekends, possible future 2.0 training intensives , New Jersey in Sept 20-21, Costa Mesa in June 25-26.

They also talk about stubby fingers, boxcar racers, flickering computer screens, California burritos, and dogs that are “straight outta Compton”.

This episode has been unofficially sponsored by Cloak and Petal Sushi ( )

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