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Episode 44 – The Preacher as Communicator

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As expositors, we spend time and energy making sure that the content of our messages are accurate and truthful; but our delivery matters too! It is possible to have a doctrinally true sermon, but come off as crushingly boring. In this talk, recorded in Bradenton, Florida, Nick Cady speaks about the importance of structure, form, tension and the shape of our sermons. What we preach is significant – so HOW we say it matters.

Nick Cady is the lead pastor of White Fields Community Church  in Longmont, Colorado.

Prior to moving to Longmont in 2012, Nick spent 10 years as a missionary, pastor and church planter in Hungary working with Calvary Chapel. He holds a degree in Theology from the University of Gloucestershire in England and is currently pursuing a Masters in Integrative Theology from London School of Theology.

You can keep up with Nick on Twitter at @nickcady <>, on Instagram at @cadynick <>, or by subscribing to the White Fields Church podcast <>.

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