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Pastoral Preaching – Dr. Phil Newton

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Dr. Phil Newton has been preaching the word for over 50 years beginning on a Wednesday night in 1970 with a sermon on suffering out of 1 Peter chapter 4. Phil recalls feeling a strong calling to the ministry as a teenager and has been faithful to pursue God’s calling. In his early years, Phil was not always exposed to or under expositional leadership and spent many years figuring things out on his own. He’s thankful for God’s faithfulness and grace despite Phil’s many shortcomings as a young christian. Phil had the fortune of having mentors and teachers during his early 20s who had a massive impact upon his life and ministry.

Phil planted and has served as the senior pastor of South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, since 1987. He has also authored several books and is a contributor for The Gospel Coalition, Founders Ministry, and the 9marks eJournal. Phil is also an adjunct professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Phil puts a huge emphasis on what he calls pastoral preaching and the need to go beyond simply sharing scripture. He revels in the opportunity to show the congregation how the word of God can apply to every aspect of their lives. As a pastor, Phil looks to take every story out of the bible and show how it connects to the redemption of the Gospel and how that impacts their lives.

After preaching for over 50 years, Phil continues to try and improve each and every sermon he gives. In order to reach those goals, he emphasises the need to be fervent and faithful in his devotions, reading authors who are both old (400 years old) and new, and continuing self evaluation.

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