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Where the Gospel Meets LGBTQ

We want to share with you this awesome episode from the Love Thy Neighborhood Podcast, an incredible show that looks at what happens when the Gospel meets some of the hardest places in our culture. In this episode: Christians say the church is a family,…
Good Lion Team
February 12, 2020
Basics of Life - Interviews

Pastors Talk About: Kobe Bryant

In this episode of The Basics of Life Conversations, Rob Salvato interviews fellow pastors Tony Clark and Tommy Cota about the sports legacy of the late great basketball player, Kobe Bryant, who was tragically killed in a helicopter accident that took the lives of nine…
Rob Salvato
February 11, 2020
In No Hurry

Episode 2: Phil Heller

Phil Heller serves as the lead pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville, Indiana, which is also my home church. Aside from being just an all-around good dude, Phil is a tremendous man of God who returned to the church where he started his ministry,…
Cole Claybourn
February 8, 2020
Better Days

When You Feel Like Quitting

Life and leadership can be exhausting, overwhelming, and discouraging. At times we feel like quitting. However, quitting is never the right decision. In this episode, I talk about how to respond to these thoughts, and give seven steps to become practically resilient.
Wesley Towne
February 7, 2020
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Ep. 54 – Genesis – Recap Episode

On this week’s episode of the Adorned Podcast we recap what we learned while studying the book of Genesis.  We discuss some of the major themes, what we loved, what we found frustrating, and Kacie even tries to recap the entire book in under one…
Erin and Kacie
April 19, 2019
First Time Bible Teacher

Honesty In Teaching

When it comes to teaching the Bible, people need to know you're a real person. This episode dives into how we can be relatable by looking at four areas where honesty helps in teaching. For more info, visit
Brian Higgins
April 15, 2019
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* The views expressed in these podcasts come from a wide and diverse theological background, and may not always reflect the positions and stances of CGN or GoodLion. That being said, they are great shows run by fantastic brothers and sisters in Christ, and we encourage you to check out the content.

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