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Anchor of Hope

I am not necessary

Many times in my life, I've wrongfully believed that I was a necessary part of the equation. Jesus has been showing me lately... HE is the only necessary one. I'm just happy to be along for the ride! - - - - - - -…
Aaron Salvato
April 29, 2019

Ep. 55 – Q&A – Part 1 and an Announcement

On episode 55 of the Adorned Podcast we invite our good friend, Katie Cobbs, onto the show to help us make a special announcement and to answer some listener questions.  We love our Q&A episodes because interacting with our listeners is one of our favorite…
Erin and Kacie
April 26, 2019

Don’t Stop Celebrating Easter

Yesterday, it was easy to celebrate. The shirts were pastel-colored. Your church staff worked to bring their A-game. There may have even been a visitor-focused area like a photo booth or a coffee giveaway. There were probably traditions with family and friends that you experienced…
Brian Higgins
April 22, 2019

Ep. 54 – Genesis – Recap Episode

On this week’s episode of the Adorned Podcast we recap what we learned while studying the book of Genesis.  We discuss some of the major themes, what we loved, what we found frustrating, and Kacie even tries to recap the entire book in under one…
Erin and Kacie
April 19, 2019

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