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A Conversation With My Lgbt Friends: Part 4

Today Preston is talking with Laurie Krieg. Laurie is married to Matt and the two of them together started Hole in my Heart Ministries. In their ministry they counsel in person and online (globally), speak nationally, and write blogs and books. Laurie experiences same-sex attraction…
Good Lion Team
September 18, 2019
First Time Bible Teacher

31. Dealing With Discouragement

Every Bible teacher will face discouragement at some point. The question for Bible teachers is what they'll do when discouragement comes. This episode talks about analyzing your discouragement, finding the helpful truths in it, and not dwelling on it for too long.
Brian Higgins
September 17, 2019
Better Days

What Is Hope?

Hope is an appealing word to those who are suffering. How we frame the idea of hope is crucial. In this episode, I talk about popular ideas of hope that are unhelpful, and then I explain Honest Hope--what I believe to be the true concept…
Wesley Towne
September 16, 2019
GoodLion Picks

A Conversation With My Lgbt Friends: Part 3

Today Preston is talking with Nate Collins. Nate Collins is Gay in his orientation but is also in a committed, mixed orientation marriage. Nate is also the author of a soon to be released book titled All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection…
Good Lion Team
September 11, 2019

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