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New show: Biblical Plotlines by Kris King!

By March 23, 2020No Comments

The Biblical Plotlines podcast helps listeners to understand the story of the books within the Bible. The Bible tells the incredible message of God’s redemption throughout history that has culminated in the death and resurrection of Jesus. As each book within the Bible contributes in its own way to developing this story as it progresses to the events of Jesus and what follows, we often miss that each book is also telling its own story.

Just as other epic stories made up of multiple books, such as the Lord of the Rings, all have one primary plot that comes to a climax in the final event, there are also individual books within the series, each with plots that differ from book to book, or film to film, allowing them to stand as an individual work in their own right. In the same way, it is important to consider, for example, that when the book of Genesis comes to an end and leads directly into the book of Exodus, which continues the same story, they actually have an entirely different plot from one another.

The plot then becomes the tool that the Biblical authors use to develop their story in order to communicate the message they have intended for the reader. This is why grasping the plot of each book will then help us to unlock the meaning of the book as a whole and allow us to read each feature within the book as a piece of the storyline that has purpose and intent for helping advance the plot as it leads to its conclusion. It is with great hope that this podcast would help you see those plots a little better as you also explore the Scriptures.

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