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Theology For The People

Navigating Issues of Christian Liberty without Legalism or Licentiousness – with David Guzik

By October 29, 2021No Comments

Pastor and author David Guzik joins the podcast this week to talk about the topic of Christian liberty.

How do we make sense of “gray areas,” things like drinking alcohol, tattoos, smoking tobacco, music choices, etc. about which some Christians have strong convictions that Christians should never do those things, whereas others feel that they can enjoy these things in moderation without any conflict with their fidelity to following Jesus? How do we honor one another without being held hostage by every person’s personal whim? David helps shed some light on these and other questions related to this topic.

David is the author of a free online commentary of the entire Bible which can be found at, along with the audio and video archives of David’s teachings through books of the Bible. Make sure to check out his weekly Q&A sessions on his YouTube Channel, Thursdays at 12:00 PM Pacific.

Visit the Theology for the People blog at, where you can submit questions or suggest topics for articles or future podcast episodes.

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