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Women Worth Knowing

Mrs. Oswald Chambers Part 2

By February 21, 2022No Comments

Mrs. Oswald “Biddy” Chambers (1883-1966): Author Michelle Ule joins the podcast again today to share about the life of Gertrude “Biddy” Chambers. Having covered Biddy’s early years and marriage to Oswald, Michelle continues the story with their move to Egypt during World War I and the tragic circumstances which unexpectedly launched Biddy’s career as an editor/compiler of Oswald’s sermons. Her masterful work led to the publication of 30 books, including the beloved devotional, My Utmost for His Highest. We know you will love Biddy’s story of radiant faith and perseverance for the glory of God!   

  • Mrs. Oswald Chambers:The Woman Behind the World’s Best-Selling Devotional–Michelle Ule