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Women Worth Knowing

Marie Monsen, Part 1

By September 17, 2022No Comments

Marie Monsen (1878-1962): We are back for the second part of Norwegian missionary Marie Monsen’s incredible story of miracles and revival in early 20th century China! The Lord used this quiet, humble woman to revive the Chinese church and lead many to Christ, simply because she “knew her own littleness” and the greatness of Jesus! It is therefore not surprising that the Shantung Revival that she helped usher in bore solid and lasting fruit for the kingdom of God. You will be so blessed by the testimony and legacy of this lovely, radiant servant of the Lord!

  • Women of Awakenings by Louis & Betty Drummond
  • A Present Help by Marie Monsen
  • The Awakening: Revival in China 1927-1937 by Marie Monsen
  • A Wall of Fire by Marie Monsen

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