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Lead with Curiosity – John Chandler

By June 18, 2021No Comments

John Chandler has a history in Bible teaching and podcasting. He has served as a youth minister, lead pastor of a church plant, and web developer. John describes the differences between teaching as a guest or part of a rotation and being the lead teacher of a congregation. He emphasizes the need for a sermon to act as a call to action for the hearer. He recalls one of his first sermons as a seminary student and relating the armor of God to Santa Claus. John also gives some insight into his process for preparing sermons and how it’s an active part of his everyday life.

John has also worked as an independent web developer and has many other projects in the works. He also produced a podcast called the Sermonsmith podcast that helped inspire the Expositors Podcast. John also has a new podcast incubating and should have news on that soon.

John Chandler lives on the desert edge of Phoenix with his wife and three teenage children, where he aspires to spend more time reading, hiking, and watching baseball.

After 25 years serving in local churches as a pastor and church planter, he is training to be a spiritual director who will walk alongside others who serve as spiritual leaders. Visit his personal website ( for links to social media and updates about his developing practice and projects.

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