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Women Worth Knowing

Katherine Zell & Anna Bullinger

By December 28, 2021No Comments

Katherine Zell (1497-1562) & Anna Bullinger (c. 1504-1564): We continue today with two more Reformation wives! Katherine Zell, the wife of Strasbourg reformer Matthew Zell, was one of the most active women of the Reformation–a brilliant author, hymn writer, and speaker, not to mention hostess to countless destitutes and refugees! Mrs. Zell was a woman to be reckoned with! Then there’s kind and generous Anna Bullinger, who with her husband, Heinrich, made the city of Zurich famous as a refuge for the needy as well as persecuted Protestants in the volatile days of the Reformation. With her influential ministry from the home, it is little wonder that Anna was known throughout Europe as the “Zurich Mother.” These two Reformation wives were certainly very different–but they are both absolutely women worth knowing!

  • Reformation Women: Sixteenth Century Figures Who Shaped Christianity’s Rebirth by Rebecca van Doodewaard

  • Church Mother by Katharina Zell

  • Women of the Reformation in Germany & Italy by Roland Bainton

  • Extraordinary Women of Church History by Ruth Tucker


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