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Women Worth Knowing

Katharine Bushnell P1

By August 4, 2021No Comments

Katharine Bushnell (1856-1946): In today’s episode, we begin the story of a remarkable woman who was not only a doctor, but an author, missionary and activist! Her name was Katharine Bushnell. Katharine grew up in the Methodist Church and developed a strong walk with the Lord as she went to medical school and eventually to China as a missionary doctor. Although her ministry in China was cut short, the Lord opened other doors for her to serve in India, as well as work with the Women’s Christian Temperance Union…and that’s just part of her story! So join us for Part One as we look at the remarkable life of Katharine Bushnell!

  • Oh Thou Woman That Bringest Good Tidings: The Life and Work of Katharine C. Bushnell by Dana Hardwick

  • God’s Word to Women by Katharine C. Bushnell

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