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Justice & The Image of God – Biblical Justice part 1

By March 2, 2021No Comments

I recently got asked to create video content for the youth/young adults at Ranch Church in Solvang in partnership with . My first assignment was a video series on “Biblical Justice.” Here’s part one! I hope it’s helpful to you. Justice is such a hot topic in our world today, so I think it’s really important we understand it from a Biblical perspective. In this lesson I use Acts ch 6 as an example of what justice looked like to the early church.

In the following videos I’ll dive into stuff like what “injustice” is and examples of it in our modern context, what is the difference between righteousness and justice, who are the vulnerable and the wicked, and most importantly how Jesus responds to injustice in our world and the examples he gives us to follow!

Special thanks to The Bible Project for their video on Justice, which is used a lot in this series.

If anything in the video sparks conversation, leave a comment! I’d love to discuss. Thanks for watching.

I’m beyond blessed that God has opened up doors for me to use my skills of content creation for His kingdom. Very grateful to be doing something I care about. ❤

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