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I’ll Be Your Story Sherpa – Scott Erickson

By May 21, 2021No Comments

Scott brings his passion for storytelling and offers a fresh look at engaging an audience. This interview covered a wide range of topics and reminds us how important it is to do more than just share information. Scott discusses balancing a calling to be an artist and to teach the word of God. He sees the world and the church through the lens of a creative and takes you on an unexpected journey that will leave you encouraged and energized.

Scott Erickson is a visual artist, author, and communicator. A working artist for over a decade, Scott has been a contributing artist on The Bible Project and has had his work appear on CNN, National Geographic, and various magazines, newspaper outlets, and book covers.

Scott has written several books, including:

Further resources:

Instagram: @scottthepainter


The Punchline:


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