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Hope from Jesus for Burnt out Pastors with Jeremy Writebol

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Jeremy Writebol speaks about his earliest sermon at a nursing home and the path that led him from there into the Lead Campus Pastor at Woodside Bible Church – Plymouth, Michigan and Executive Director at Gospel Centered Discipleship.

They speak about the unique dynamics of pastoring at a multi-site church, sharing an outline with 13 other preachers, but responsibly and specifically creating localized sermons for each context. Jeremy and Mike speak about the advantages of sermon preparation in collaboration with other pastors, and the unique opportunities that the Christian calendar affords to prepare together for Easter, Christmas and Pentecost messages or series as an expression of gospel harmony.

In his latest book,Pastor, Jesus Is Enough, Jeremy invites fellow pastors to hear the words of the risen Jesus in the seven letters within Revelation 2–3. The exhortations in Revelation 2–3are directed to churches. But they also exhortpastors.

In these seven letters, Jesus draws near to pastors—whether hurting or straying—and reminds them of his sufficiency. In these warnings and promises, Jesus has hard words for pastors. But they are words of life. Most of all, Jesus urges pastors to keep their focus on Him.

Jeremy gives advice on preaching through the messages from Jesus in Revelation 2-3, and reminds us of the pastoral implications of this section – both to our own hearts and the hearts of our congregations.

Resources Mentioned:

Pastor, Jesus is Enough: Hope for the Weary, the Burned Out, and the Broken

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