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Home Field Advantage – Richard Hemphill

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Richard speaks about the encouraging experience of preaching to the congregation that he grew up in and contrasting it with preaching to a tough crowd as a visiting guest speaker. Mike and Richard talk about the importance of heralding the grace of God in our sermons and cultivating a tone of generosity and warmth instead of Law and harshness. Also the dangers of social media preaching and sound-byte culture are warned against.

Richard is the founder of The Dugout, a ministry striving to reach the next generation with applicable Biblical truths and pastoral training. Hemphill Jr., a Gardner-Webb University grad, and all-around sports nut marries his faith and love for sports to transform lives in the “Transform the Game” series.To hear more about how Richard Hemphill Jr. is transforming lives, contact him at (954)834-6396, email or visit his

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