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Women Worth Knowing

Helen Roseveare P2

Helen Roseveare (1925-2016): We continue today with the fascinating story of Helen Roseveare! We pick up with Helen’s call to the mission field, as the Lord leads her to join C.T. Studd’s World Evangelization Crusade ministry in the Belgian Congo after spending time with missionary Edith Moules. Join us as we share about Helen’s missionary training, her rigorous early years as a doctor in the Congo, and her decision to stay and minister to the Congolese people during the extreme political danger and unrest of the 1960s. Through it all, we will see the hand of God guiding, protecting and providing for Helen and the people she loved. You won’t want to miss these remarkable and gripping episodes from the life of “Mama Luka,” the “beloved physician” of the Congolese!

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