Christ Centered


Theologically Generous

The core team that runs GoodLion comes from the Calvary Global Network. CGN may have it’s own theological baseline (click to read more about our theology), but the team at both CGN and GoodLion desire to be theologically generous and work together with those who may have differences with us. We want to foster a community of openness, where the goal isn’t to prove any theological view on 2ndary issues as absolute, but to be a space where people can hear multiple perspectives that show honor to one another.

We believe the church is bigger than any one particular evangelical movement, denomination or church. Valuing God’s work and wisdom through the worldwide body of Christ, CGN seeks to partner with churches and leaders from diverse theological and ministry convictions.

GoodLion founder Aaron Salvato explains it this way: “A prime example: most of our leadership team would not identify themselves as “Calvinist.” I’m more of what prof Gerry Brershears would call a “Calminain” myself. However, we have a few podcasters on our network who would identify as Calvinists. How we serve together is with grace and charity. If I am speaking about Calvinism on my show, even something I disagree with about it, I’m going to do so with grace. I’m not going to paint with a broad brush or speak about Calvinists negatively. The podcasters on the other side of the issue show me the same grace. We support one another and minister together in friendship. I’m hoping to foster more podcast episodes where people with different theological leanings come together to politely and lovingly talk through the differences and find common ground. I think the church needs more of that.”

A Great example of this on our network is Phil Metzger’s show Crossing Cultures.



Theologically Conservative


We Focus On The Lamb,
Rather Than Elephants or Donkeys


What about hot-button issues like abortion and LGBTQ+?

Sadly, in our polarizing times, these two issues get a lot of attention, with many Christians putting an over-emphasis on them as the most important issues. Nevertheless, we feel like it's important to identify where we land so there's no confusion.


We believe the ending of an innocent unborn life is deeply morally wrong, in the same way ending anyone's life for being inconvenient to us would be wrong. We also acknowledge that the fact that so many in our culture disagree with that principle is tragic. We believe Christians need to come together to seek wholistic solutions to make a difference in this area, our deepest desire is to see the hearts and minds of people changed. We appreciate greatly ministries that focus on helping women in crisis come to new understanding about the value of unborn life.

We greatly appreciate the work of our friend Ryan Lynn, founder of the Speak Life Collective, who has great material on this that balances compassion and conviction.

LGBTQ+ Issues

We hold to the historic Christian sexual ethic of one man, one woman marriage. That being said, we also acknowledge how this position has often been held by the Church in a posture of truth, but not love, which has caused great damage. We affirm that to practice any form of sexual immorality (gay or straight) is sin. We also acknowledge that someone who experiences sexual temptation in any form is not sinning. A distinction should be made. There are many Christians who identify differently who are committed to a life of self-control and obedience to Christ concerning their sexuality. We have deep compassion for the struggles of this community, and we know it's God's kindness that leads to repentance for all people. When it comes to this issue, we want to bend over backwards to present truth in love.

Great resources on this topic that help shape the content on this network concerning this issue are Preston Sprinkle and the Center for Faith, Sexuality, & Gender  as well as the works of Christopher Yuan.