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Going Around Those Watchful Dragons – Russell More

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Dr. Russell Moore shares the stress and uneasy nerves as a boy preaching his first sermon and the joy of preaching to the same congregation 8 years later as a seminary student. He offers suggestions for church culture that promote the engagement of the youth. Dr. Moore also helps to explain how the lens of the congregation can be a barrier between them and the sermon, and understanding the context and limitations of your audience is key to finding the proper words to connect with them. He also discusses how spiritual warfare is one of the largest obstacles that must be overcome with prayer for effective preaching.

Dr. Moore has served in a multitude of capacities across several organizations. Some of those positions have included as a teaching pastor, provost and dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and recently has become the full-time public theologian for Christianity Today and leads the new Public Theology Project. He has authored numerous books, papers, and articles for multiple other publications. Dr. Moore also has a vast catalog of audio and video in the form of podcasts, both his own and as a guest, as well as numerous youtube videos on his own channel and others.

A native Mississippian, Moore and his wife Maria are the parents of five sons. He is also an avid fan of The Office.

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