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Getting Application Right – Dr. Jason Cruise

By October 27, 2020No Comments

Dr Jason Cruise speaks with Mike about the often-neglected importance of application in sermon preparation and delivery. He suggests that preachers are hesitant to bring out points of application because they don’t want to seem shallow, don’t want to spoon-feed their congregations or sometimes it may be that they are just plain lazy!

Getting into the mindset of the average hearer will help preachers to understand that what we bring to the pulpit might not be actually helpful to those who we are trying to serve. Speaking with humility, experience and candour Jason gives a gently challenge to all of us to make our Bible teachings are more applicable to the real lives of our hearers!

Jason Cruise is the Senior Pastor of ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. He has been preaching and speaking nationally since 1990. He holds a Doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is a published author having published through Zondervan, Lifeway, Barbour Publishing, and Broadman & Holman.


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