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How Can We Be a Light in a Politically Divided World? (With Scott Curran) | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p4

By June 22, 2020No Comments

2020 has been a politically charged year. Between COVID 19, the upcoming election, debates about health and safety vs rights and religious freedom, and now the recent murder of George Floyd and the following Black Lives Matter protests, one thing has become clear: our nation is divided. Our nation is caught in a never-ending culture war between left and right, and many on both sides of the divide see the battle as a clear cut case of good vs evil. Aaron sits down with Scott Curran, the resident church planter at Park Hill Church, to discuss the deep political divide and how followers of Christ can rise above it, be lights in a dark culture, and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

We hope this conversation is helpful to you as you seek to follow the Way of Jesus in the difficult days we find ourselves in.

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