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Exercise Your Faith

EYFPodcast- Exercising your faith with no choices made out of fear. The joyful story of Joy Thayer

By February 10, 2021No Comments

Fear is a tool of the enemy. Faith is what we have in the Father and a measure of faith has been given to all of us. Joy Thayer has as much faith as you or I but her life is an example of exercising that faith. Joy was born out of a vision her mom had and her whole life has been an exercise in trying to see what God sees that she didn’t but relying on her faith to understand the path to take. Joy has always been a performer and a storyteller and she is now taking her faith in God’s story and telling it through the lens of Spero Pictures. From a role in “I can only Imagine” to helping produce “Unplanned” and from being part of the team that produced “The Trump I know“, Joy is telling of the love of God through film.

We hope you enjoy listening to Joy’s story as much as we did in bringing it to you. We also hope it inspires you to reach out to others and share the story that God has given you to share. We all have a role to play in the body of Christ as everyone’s story is important to God as we exercise our faith in Him.