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Exercise Your Faith

EYFPodcast- Exercising your faith by bringing beauty, life and order out of Chaos with Author Allen Arnold

By November 25, 2020No Comments

It’s amazing when you hear a word for such a time as these and we think you’ll agree that Allen Arnold has that word for us today. His latest book was written before Covid hit but when God has a message He chooses the messenger and in 10 weeks “Chaos Can’t” went from God’s idea to finished product. In today’s conversation you will learn how chocolate can teach you about chaos and most importantly how to defeat chaos by you learning to bring beauty, life and order against it. Your life doesn’t have to revolve around chaos and Allen helps us to order our lives around what God would have us do as we come against the tools of the enemy. It’s not the chaos in our lives that is causing our problems but rather how we react to the chaos. In this time of fear, disorder, and conflict learn to defeat the lies by simply asking, “I wonder what God is working on here” and let the Holy Spirit teach you what to do. It’s not about wining arguments but rather winning souls.

Allen Arnold is an award winning author who is the Executive Producer for content at Wild at Heart, a ministry founded by best selling author John Eldredge. You can connect with Allen at:
twitter @TheStoryofWith

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