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Every Passage Has A Story Either In It Or Behind It with Chris Brown

By May 9, 2023No Comments

In episode 275, we’re excited to have Chris Brown share his insights on the power of storytelling to captivate an audience and highlight the living reality of each passage of Scripture.

Chris leads an hour-long workshop focused on using storytelling as a platform to launch your sermons. Through his teaching, you’ll discover how to see the Bible through a different filter, giving you 9 unique points of view to better understand and communicate any text.

Whether you’re already a seasoned storyteller or looking to improve your skills, this episode is for you. Chris promises to provide practical tools and strategies to engage your audience and take them on a journey through the power of story.

Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your storytelling abilities and elevate your preaching to the next level.

ChrisBrownhasservedasaSeniorPastorandTeachingPastoratNorthCoastChurchsince2004.Priortothat,hewas the Campus PastoratAzusaPacificUniversity, and then a Youth Pastor in the LA area.

As agiftedstoryteller and Bible teacher he loves to use his sense of humorandmotivationalstyleto help people truly experience all of the grace and mercy that they have been given in order to fall more in love with Jesus. His life work and ambition is to use his unique gifts and personality to equip people to follow Jesus while building healthy and highly productive teams that serve the local church.

ChrislivesinOceansidewithhiswifeAmyandtheirthreechildren,andtriestofishasmuchashisschedulewillallow. ( find out more

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