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In No Hurry

Episode 76: Coping With The Pandemic Through Sports & Faith with Sports Spectrum’s Jason Romano

By November 1, 2021No Comments

Navigating the pandemic has been hard for all of us. When sports came back, they provided a nice reprieve from the heartache all around us. But it was still strange to watch games with no fans in the stands and the electric atmospheres we’re used to be absent from the stadiums. It’s been a lot to process.

This week, I’m excited to welcome back Jason Romano to the podcast. Jason was on Episode 10 of the show in early 2020, and quite a bit has happened since that time. Jason’s here to help process it, as well as share some thoughts on forgiveness that he included in his book “Live to Forgive.”

Jason is my boss at Sports Spectrum and he hosts our flagship podcast, “Sports Spectrum,” which I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to. Jason also published a book last summer called “The Uniform of Leadership,” which consists of stories from his days working as a producer at ESPN.

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