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In No Hurry

Episode 73: Prioritizing Mental Health with Author & Counselor Debra Fileta

By September 29, 2021No Comments

My guess is this past year or so has been a struggle for you just like it has for me. Between the pandemic, job changes, and everything else going on in the world, I know my mental health has seen its share of ebbs and flows. I’m not always the best at prioritizing the need to tend to my mental health. That’s why I was fortunate to speak with Debra Fileta, an author, speaker, and licensed professional counselor.

Debra is the author of “Are You Really OK?: Getting Real About Who You Are, How You’re Doing, and Why It Matters,” which was released in May, and she shares some insights and practical steps she wrote about in the book for how we can be intentional about our mental health. She also shares how to identify and address the roots of stress and what might be causing other issues. I really appreciated how she talked about how healing is holistic, and how our mental health is connected to our physical, spiritual, and emotional health as well.

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