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In No Hurry

Episode 72: “The Voice” Winner Todd Tilghman & Wife Brooke on Finding Joy Through Authentic Living

By September 6, 2021No Comments

We are back!

It is so great to be launching a new season of In No Hurry after a few months off to focus on some writing projects. I’m excited to kick this new season off with an awesome couple, Todd and Brooke Tilghman. Todd was the winner of Season 18 of The Voice, and he and Brooke have since written a book, “Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy.”

These two are super fun people and you’ll enjoy hearing them share their memories of being on The Voice — where Todd got a four-chair turn from all of the coaches and eventually picked Blake Shelton — as well as the lessons they’ve learned in marriage and from raising eight children. They’re just two genuine people who have stayed true to who they are no matter what life has brought them.

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*NOTE: This podcast will be moving from a weekly show to an every-other-week show, at least for the foreseeable future. I talk a little bit more about that toward the end of the show, but that’s just what makes the most sense for me right now. Thanks for tuning in to the show!

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