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In No Hurry

Episode 70: Breaking Free from the Chains of Comparison

By April 9, 2021No Comments

I don’t know if it’s because we’ve spent most of the past year on our phones and away from our normal communities, but it seems like I’m seeing more people than usual open up about their struggles with comparison. As you know, I’m no stranger to that struggle and many conversations on this show have focused on it.

This week I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve had on my heart lately about my own struggles with comparison, but more specifically how I’ve begun to find rest from the exhausting race of comparison.

Why spend any of that precious time chasing after what others have instead of enjoying what God has already given you?

When we begin to rewire our brain and our hearts to be in line with this, it actually becomes the most freeing thing in the world. We no longer have to worry. We don’t have to run. We no longer have to be caught up in the rat race of comparison. We don’t have to exhaust ourselves.

Instead, we can rest in the fact that God created us out of love to be great in the way He designed us to be great and use that greatness to bless others.

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In this episode, I referenced two articles from Psychology Today. You can read those below:

-The Perils of Comparing Ourselves to Others:

-Social Media and the Rising Trend of Cosmetic Surgery:


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