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Episode 107: Learning From the Puritans

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Dr. Ian Clary is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Colorado Christian University, he is a native of Canada and lived for the past half of his life in Toronto, Ontario, where he served as a minister in a Baptist church there.

Dr. Clary’s doctoral work looked at issues dealing with the Christian interpretation of history with a particular focus on early-modern British evangelicalism. His master’s work looked at the reception history of patristics into the post-Reformation period with a focus on Christology. He is a fellow of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies; the Center for Baptist Renewal; the Center for Ancient Christian Studies; and is a board member with the Davenant Institute. Dr. Clary and his wife Vicky live in Lakewood with their four children, Jack, Molly, Kate, and Tom.

Ian’s full bio and publications

Munster Bible College:

Greg Beale – Right Doctrine, Wrong Text
William Perkins – The Art of Prophesying
Simeon Trust:
Mark Dever – Promises Made, Promises Kept: The Message of the Old Testament; The Message of the New Testament