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Ep. 68 – Our Gifts, His Glory – Interview with Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler from Risen Motherhood

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On episode 68 of the Adorned Podcast we continue our series, “Our Gifts, His Glory.” We had the privilege of talking with Emily and Laura from “Risen Motherhood” about what it looks like to use the gift of motherhood for God’s glory. If you are not familiar with the Risen Motherhood ministry, they exist to encourage, equip, and challenge moms to apply the gospel to their everyday lives. On this episode, we discuss everything from Emily’s amazing fire building skills to how potty training and mountains of laundry will continually point you back to the gospel. Even if you are not in the throws of motherhood, we believe you will find encouragement through this conversation!

“Everything we have is The Lord’s.  It’s all been given by Him; all of our gifts, every skill set, our personality traits, our tendencies. God gives those to His people and if we truly are not our own but we belong to God then every resource, every gift we have, is actually His!” -Laura Wifler
“The neat thing about the gospel is that it makes us new and it changes everything about who we are.” -Emily Jensen
“God is the one, in Christ who reconciles our responsibility with our inability.” -Emily Jensen
“The great news of what God did for us is that He came and He said “I know that you’re not enough, but I’m going to send my son to be enough on your behalf and now before the throne of God, you are made good, you are made righteous, I see you and I see righteousness, I see patience, and kindness, and long suffering because I see Jesus.  He covers us in front of God,”” -Laura Wifler
“He is for my good and He is for their good, and I can trust Him.” -Emily Jensen
“We are not above Christ and what He has done.  He came to serve, he came to lay down His life, he came to deal with the dirty, stinky, messy, annoying needs that we all have.” -Emily Jensen
“As moms, so much of what we do is unseen, but it does matter and God is refining and molding, and growing us in these days. He’s preparing us for whatever good works He has down the road.  These days are not being wasted.” -Laura Wifler

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*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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