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Ep. 125 – God Cares About the Heart of His People – Wisdom Literature with Courtney Reissig

On episode 125 of the Adorned Podcast our friend and special guest, Courtney Reissig joins in our conversation on the story of scripture to discuss the Wisdom Literature. In the middle of the Old Testament are the books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. These books, written by people such as David and Solomon have been labeled as “wisdom literature” and are included in the story of scripture to remind us that God not only cares about our minds and our actions, but our hearts as well. They help us understand that the people in God’s story are very similar to us in the way they feel and express their emotions while going through the ups and downs of life. Wisdom literature gives us language to use in times of joy, sorrow, weariness, thanksgiving, and more. These books, much like the rest of Scripture, help us to reflect on the faithfulness of God in the past, present, and future!


Be sure to check out Courtney’s book on the Psalms, Teach Me To Feel.



“Unlike the narrative parts of the Bible, the Psalms speak into a static time in Israel’s history. The narrative of God‘s work among his people is not advanced in the psalms. Instead we get a behind the scenes look at the mental processes and emotions of real people in that story” -Courtney Reissig

“The Psalms help us see that real humans lived through these narratives.” -Courtney Reissig

“The Psalms help us engage with God with both our hearts and our minds.” – Courntey Reissig

“Jesus is the perfect embodiment of Wisdom.” – Courtney Reissig


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*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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