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Ep. 124 – God Proclaims a True and Everlasting King is Coming – Kings and Prophets

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On episode 124 of the Adorned Podcast we discuss the kings and prophets and how God proclaims that a true and everlasting king is coming. The book of Ruth ends with showing us the next 3 generations: Obed, Jesse and David, but we pick up in 1 Samuel with Eli who trains up Samuel as a judge. As Samuel ages, the Israelites demand a king so they can be like “all the nations.” God tells Samuel to give them a king, but to warn them. God shows Samuel that Saul is to be the first king. Even though he was chosen by God, Saul is not a faithful leader. He becomes proud and disobedient, therefore God rejects him as king. When God chooses David, the son of Jesse to be the next king God reminds his people that it’s not outward appearance, but the heart that matters to Him. David trusts the Lord and defeats Goliath, but Saul is envious of David and tries to kill him (this is when many of the psalms are written). God makes a covenant with David and he is a good king but also often chooses his own ways and sins. His son Solomon, is also a good king and even builds the temple, but he also chooses his own ways. These kings show us that we need a true and better king. During the reign of these as well as future kings, God sends prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah to remind the people to turn from their sin and trust that a true and better king is coming. God is faithful and will keep his promises!



“The Bible, despite being written by multiple authors and addressing various subjects, is one grand story whose central message is about what our triune Creator-covenant God planned in eternity, executed in time, to glorify himself by the redemption of his people, the judgment of sin, and making all things new in Christ Jesus.” -Stephen Wellum

“The Davidic covenant thus identifies more precisely the promised “seed” who will mediate international blessing: he will be a royal descendant of Abraham through David.” -Paul R. Williamson

“God is reminding them that He is going to provide the true and better King.”

“God invites us in to be a part of His story. I’m not the main character. I’m not supposed to be the main character, but I am invited in.”


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*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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