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Ep. 123 – God Continues to be Faithful Even When His People Are Not – Judges and Ruth

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On episode 123 of the Adorned Podcast we discuss the Books of Judges and Ruth; how God is faithful even when His people are not. After Joshua’s death, the people of Israel turn from The Lord and begin to worship idols. During this time God raises up judges to govern over the land and to deliver Israel from its enemies. Some of these judges, such as Deborah and Gideon are great leaders, while others are not. During this time, there is a cycle of God blessing his people, the prosperity of God’s people, the rebellion of God’s people, God’s wrath against his people, the repentance of God’s people, God offering his people forgiveness, and God blessing his people once again. The book of Ruth zooms in on one specific family living during the time of the judges, Naomi and her daughter in law, Ruth. When Boaz agrees to marry Ruth and redeem her family, the author (through the empowering of the Holy Spirit) is pointing us to our true redeemer, Jesus Christ!



“Judges tells a story of spiral down into rebellion and disaster at every level in the nation of Israel” -Craig Bartholomew

“Throughout history, God has promised blessings and cursings, prosperity and calamity. The consistent thing, however, is that either way, God is glorified. Whether the people choose to obey or foolishly fall into sin, His holiness remains perfectly intact. His sovereignty is never threatened. Either way, God wins… although for His people, it is always less painful for Him to be glorified because they are obedient.” -What’s in The Bible

“God is saying “there are always glimpses of my grace.””


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*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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