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Ep. 112 – Patience and Prayer as You Wait for The Lord – James 5:7-20

By November 30, 2020No Comments

On episode 112 of the Adorned Podcast, we wrap up our study of the book of James by discussing chapter 5 verses 7-20. In this passage, James is reminding us of the importance of patience, prayer, and community. God has used this study to challenge and encourage our hearts over the past 11 weeks and we pray that He has done the same for you!



“We, being finite and not infinite, see the world with our faces up against the glass. God, being eternal, sees how all the jagged pieces fit together into something beautiful.” -Augustine

“The truth is not that prayer is magic, but the truth is that prayer is effective.” -R.C Sproul

“Prayer is not just a duty. It’s a delight and a gift for the people of God to commune with their adopting, loving, merciful Father.” -Matt Chandler



The Eternality and Aseity of God by John Frame

Suffering/Comfort by Matt Chandler

Faithful/Faithless by Matt Chandler

Yes or No by R.C. Sproul

The Prayer of Faith by R.C. Sproul


*The beautiful music heard on today’s episode is by Katie Cobbs*

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