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Dr. Christina Crenshaw- LGBTQ+, Cancel Culture, and Showing Grace

By March 11, 2021No Comments

What if an entire group of people tried to “cancel” you for an honest tweet?

Dr. Christina Crenshaw knows this reality all too well. After a tweet where she questioned recent rulings regarding transgender rights, she was singled out by members of the student body at her school, Baylor University, as “transphobic”. Dr. Crenshaw has stood against these claims and fought for her voice to be heard and with it the orthodox Christian view on gender.

In this episode, Dr. Crenshaw talks about the unlikely place she has found herself, never having thought she would be in a position like the one she is now. They discuss the need to show grace to have our voices heard and to stand for truth in a way that invites questions. Dr. Crenshaw is a true Christian thinker and it was an honor to have her on the All Things All People Podcast.

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